Welcome to Mwana

"Mwana" is a Congolese word for "child." 

We chose the singular of the word on purpose because we are about meeting the individual needs of a child…one child at a time

Mwana Villages is a registered non-profit organization in existence to rescue orphans and abandoned children in the Republic of Congo. Our mission is to provide homes, education and, most of all, hope for the future for as many Congolese children as possible. 

We understand that these children have been traumatized by what has happened to them, by what they have witnessed and by how they have been rejected. Therefore, we believe they need more than life in an institutional orphanage — they need to feel the love of living in a family and being accepted there. That's why we are building houses where the children will live in a family unit. 

In these houses, they will have their needs met and get the attention they need to find healing and restoration. Moreover, we believe that relevant education is the key to their freedom and their future, so our plan is also to build schools with practical lessons and courses that will equip them, open doors for them and make them productive and successful members of society.

Montreal non profit MWANA Villages video from MemoriesFX on Vimeo.


Cheryl, Lambert and their kids are now all officially living in the Congo where they will be devoting their time to Mwana Villages. We all wish them the very best and look forward to their exciting updates! 

Please read through the website and see the updates. We have completed the 16 beds and the shelter for the children at Siloe, we have acquired 37 acres (15 hectares) of land for the first village and we have begun Phase 2, focusing on sustainable solutions for widows and orphans...

"I cry for you, Africa, and the many suffering people you hold in your mighty grip. 

I see so much ugliness, yet extreme beauty...it's so hard to grasp. 

A child cries in desperation...who will save me? Is anyone listening? 

Does anyone know my name? Does anyone care?"